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Cordless Heated Knee Massager

Cordless Heated Knee Massager

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Relieve Knee Pain, Embrace Comfort

Seeking a Solution for Soothing Knee Discomfort?

Is This the Answer You've Been Waiting For?

Absolutely! Our Cordless Heated Knee Massager provides targeted heat therapy, acupoint massage, and versatile functionality for pain relief and relaxation. Whether you're seeking relief from knee discomfort or looking to soothe other areas of your body, this device offers customizable settings and intelligent features to meet your individual needs. Experience the benefits of targeted heat and massage therapy for enhanced well-being and comfort.


5 Gears Heating Technology: Equipped with advanced Graphene heating technology, this Cordless Heated Knee Massager offers five adjustable heating levels (first gear 40 , second gear 45 , third gear 50 , fourth gear 55 , fifth gear 60 ). It can be adjusted according to personal needs or habits and can reach temperatures in just three seconds. The far-infrared heat released penetrates deep into the subcutaneous tissue, providing quick pain relief and soothing comfort.

3 Levels Acupoint Massage: This Cordless Heated Knee Massager features three levels of acupoint massage, precisely targeting important acupoints on the knee. By covering a wider massage area, it effectively releases pressure on the joints and surrounding areas, promoting knee health and relieving discomfort.


Multi-Purpose Use: The versatility of this knee protector extends beyond the knee area. It can also be used on the shoulders and elbows, providing soothing massage and alleviating soreness. The knee protector comes with a 60cm long extension strap, enabling shoulder massage and addressing various areas of the body.

Cordless Magnetic Battery Compartment: Designed for convenience, the Cordless Heated Knee Massager operates wirelessly with a lightweight and easily attachable magnetic battery compartment. The device can also be used as a regular knee protector without batteries. And the battery compartment is charged through USB. The battery compartment features a user-friendly screen with intelligent touch control, four key operation, and large icons, making it simple for users of all ages to operate.

Temperature Control and Intelligent Timing: The Cordless Heated Knee Massager incorporates a temperature control chip, ensuring precise temperature regulation to prevent burns and ensure safety. It also includes an intelligent timing function that automatically powers off after 20 minutes, allowing for worry-free and controlled usage.



Working voltage: 5V

Charging voltage: 5V

Net weight: 204g

Power: 7W

Charging current: 1A

Size: 50cm * 28cm

Color: black, grey

Charging time: 2.5h

Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Temperature gear: 5 gears

Material: breathable mesh

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Cordless Heated Knee Massager