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Fish Tank Oxygen Air Bubble Bar

Fish Tank Oxygen Air Bubble Bar

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Do you have fish that are lethargic all day? Is the decorative effect of the fish tank also mediocre? That's because your fish tanks need our Fish Tank Oxygen Air Bubble Bar. Imagine the sophisticated bubbles flying in your tank, the sufficient oxygen makes the fish jump, when you come home from work to see such a scene will certainly make you feel more enjoyable.Fish Tank Oxygen Air Bubble Bar effectively increase the oxygen content in the water to meet the survival needs of fish. Not only increase oxygen, it can also create a pleasant visual effect. Let your fishes experience the ocean-fresh water environment and make every day full of energy.


Key Features


You don't need to replace your oxygen pump repeatedly. Our aim is to make every customer satisfied with our products. Our Fish Tank Oxygen Air Bubble Bar is made of high quality material and durable. It will remain no deformation or malfunction even after a long time of immersion in the fish tank.Oxygen bubble bars constantly produce bubbles that create a weak water flow in the tank. With the comfortable water flow, the fish can swim freely in the water. Our oxygen bubble bars are carefully designed to mimic the water flow conditions in the fish's natural habitat, which improves their activity and makes them less susceptible to disease.


The most scarce thing for fish in aquarium is oxygen, please don't let the fish lose their healthy body because of your negligence. Our Fish Tank Oxygen Air Bubble Bar has super high dissolved oxygen in the water to ensure the daily needs of the fish.The surface area is lengthened and bubble area is increased to improve the dissolved oxygen.It can be uniform outgassing, no floating, no clogging. When it works, there are tiny air bubbles and exquisite water curtain with high dissolved oxygen rate, no floating or clogging uniform.Meanwhile our Fish Tank Oxygen Air Bubble Bar are adjustable, allowing you to control the amount of oxygen that is released into the tank. This helps to ensure that the oxygen levels are kept at the optimal level for the fish.


Oxygen bubble bar for you with air tube interface, suitable for 4mm air tube. The standard connector gives you peace of mind and connects tightly to the tank and is not easy to fall off. Our product is made of safe and sturdy material and needs to be powered by a small air pump. It is not only exquisite workmanship but also can be precise air intake. It is specially designed for you to create an underwater atmosphere with the featured blue sand, which is perfect for all kinds of aquariums.It solves a variety of fish tank problems. And it fully covers the fish tank to increase oxygen content.The bars are designed to be safe for the fish and can be used with a variety of fish tank filters. This helps to ensure that the oxygen levels are kept at the right level for the fish.


Our products are made of high-temperature sintered that are strong and durable. While being sturdy, it has good air permeability, which extends the life of the oxygen pump. Thoughtfully pouring blue sand for you, so the air bubbles produced by the oxygen pump are soft and delicate, not easy to be clogged.These Fish Tank Oxygen Air Bubble Bar are easy to maintain and can be cleaned regularly to ensure that they are working properly. And The bars are easy to install and can be used in both fresh and saltwater tanks.


Type: Single head, Double head

Size: 11.5cm, 16.5cm, 21.5cm, 26.5cm, 31.5cm, 36.5cm, 41.5cm, 48cm / 4inch, 6inch, 8inch, 10inch, 12inch, 14inch, 16inch, 18inch


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Fish Tank Oxygen Air Bubble Bar