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Palm Protectors for Horizontal Bar

Palm Protectors for Horizontal Bar

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Tired of hand discomfort and calluses from your horizontal bar workouts? Our palm protectors provide total coverage, featuring high-quality leather for superior protection. Elevate your performance without the worry of blisters and tears. Say hello to a new level of comfort and strength!



FULL PALM PROTECTION - Bid farewell to hand discomfort and calluses with this premium weightlifting glove that fully covers your palm. Crafted from high-quality cow leather for the entire palm and PU leather for the wrist guard, it minimizes tearing and blistering, ensuring a smoother workout experience.

​​BUILT-IN WRISTBAND - Experience the unique design of built-in wristbands, offering exceptional training support for both men and women during any workout. Ideal for various exercises, including cross-training and Olympic weightlifting routines like snatches, jerks, and front squats, where wrist protection is paramount.

GRIP SUPPORT - ​​Enhance your grip strength with upgraded anti-slip protrusions, suitable for barbells, pull rods, dual-force armbands, kettlebells, and more. With triple the exercise load potential, you can push your limits without worrying about tearing, peeling, or developing calluses.

​​COMFORT - The adjustable wrist strap allows users to customize the tightness for optimal comfort. The thoughtfully designed open palm design ensures ultimate comfort, enabling your hands to breathe freely during intense workouts.


Material: PU Leather

Weight: 170g

Product Size: As shown

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Palm Protectors for Horizontal Bar