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[Practical Gift] Home Frozen Meat Ingredients Thawing Machine

[Practical Gift] Home Frozen Meat Ingredients Thawing Machine

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This Home Frozen Meat Ingredients Thawing Machine is the perfect practical gift for anyone who loves to cook! This machine is designed to quickly and easily thaw frozen meat ingredients, making meal preparation a breeze.



ATOMIZED DEFROSTING - The atomized water vapor fully touches the defrosted ingredients to achieve 360° high heat defrosting, while releasing low temperature mist to firmly lock in the nutrients and freshness of the ingredients.

INGREDIENT FRESHNESS - Unlike manual defrosting, our thawing machine does a great job of keeping meat fresh. With our thawing machine, meat ingredients are less likely to lose moisture when thawing, making them tender and better for cutting.

HIGH DENSITY ALUMINUM ALLOY THAWING PLATE - 22 heat and cold conduction slots speed up the thawing of ingredients and ensure that the ingredients are always at a low temperature during the thawing process. This defrosting machine is a must-have partner for realistic, fast and efficient defrosting.

DRAINING TRAY - We have thoughtfully designed a draining tray for you, which automatically diverts wastewater from the defrosting process. This design ensures that the defrosting process will not stain your favorite kitchen countertops.


Step 1: Place the defrosting plate flat on top of the chassis. (Note: Logo side up)

Step 2: Place ingredients on top of defrosting plate and lay flat. (Note: Try to maximize the contact area between the ingredients and the defrosting plate)

Step 3: Cover with transparent cover.

Step 4: Open the water tank lid and add fresh water according to the water level line.

Step 5: Press the switch of blower and atomizer.

Step 6: If you need to speed up the defrosting speed, add an appropriate amount of 45-55°C warm water to the button chassis.


Color: Gray, Gold

Material: PET+ABS+HDF+High-Density Aluminum Alloy

Function: Defrosting

Defrosting Time

Seafood: defrosting about 10-15 minutes,

Poultry: defrosting about 15-20 minutes,

Frozen meat: defrosting about 20-25 minutes

Structure: Transparent Cover, Powerful Blower, Atomization Technology, Defrosting Plate


[Practical Gift] Home Frozen Meat Ingredients Thawing Machine*1


Please allow 2-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before purchasing.

Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.

Please fully charged before first use, when charging, dock the TYPE-C interface charging cable with the interface on the front of the main unit, and then plug the USB plug into a voltage 5V current 2A adapter or mobile charger to provide power to the whole machine.

Attention! This product can work while charging, please do not use an adapter or mobile power supply that exceeds the input voltage.

When cleaning the thawing machine cover and chassis, aluminum alloy defroster plate, please remove the host, because the box cover host contains wiring, can not be cleaned with water to avoid damage to the internal components, it is recommended to use a dry cloth for cleaning.

Attention! The box cover can be rinsed with water after removing the mainframe, and it is recommended to clean it with a soft rag and a neutral detergent that is harmless to human body.

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