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Rivet gun head and Nutsert cap

Rivet gun head and Nutsert cap

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Durable & Versatile

The rivet gun head and nutsert cap are made from high quality materials that are designed to withstand high levels of pressure and wear and tear. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Easy to Use & Cost-Effective

The rivet gun head and nutsert cap are easy to use and require minimal effort to install. Cost-effective and provide an economical solution for fastening.




The head of the rivet gun is made of high quality material and carefully processed. Rivet nuts are made of high quality zinc on the iron surface. The galvanized surface prevents damage and fading of the surface. They can be used in many types of materials, including steel, plastic and glass fiber.


Rivet gun head is convenient to replace the defective one. These rivet nuts are very light and therefore easy to store and carry. Take it with you wherever jobs are needed.


Rivet gun head is suitable for the construction of greenhouses, for fastening sheet metal, gutters, plates and metal roofs. The rivet nuts are widely used in automotive, furniture, decoration and other electrical and industrial products, suitable for a variety of occasions, such as air conditioning, fire extinguishing, gas or medical beverage industry, food chemistry and metal sheet factory.


Material: Steel

Rivet gun head size: Over 2,2,4cm.



Rivet gun head and nutsert cap are designed for use with nutserts and are not suitable for use with other fasteners. Always ensure that the rivet gun head and nutsert cap are compatible with the nutserts before use.

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Rivet gun head and Nutsert cap