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Gift Choice - Siddhartha Gautama Turnable Vajra Pendant

Gift Choice - Siddhartha Gautama Turnable Vajra Pendant

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The Perfect Present for Every Occasion! Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or special event, our product is a thoughtful and versatile gift option that will delight your loved ones.

The Siddhartha Gautama Turnable Vajra Pestle Pendant is a sacred and meaningful piece of jewelry that combines spirituality with timeless elegance. Featuring the iconic Siddhartha Gautama above and the powerful Vajra Pestle symbol below, this pendant is a versatile piece of jewelry that represents wisdom, compassion and protection. Enhance your spiritual journey and adorn yourself by wearing this exquisite pendant.


CLASSIC DESIGN: This pendant showcases two important symbols of Buddhism. On the top is the serene Sakyamuni Buddha and on the bottom is the intricate Vajra Pestle, symbolizing strength and protection.

TOP CRAFTSMANSHIP: This pendant is carefully crafted from high quality materials for durability and aesthetics.

MATCHING CHAIN: The pendant can either be paired with a fashionable chain or strung on a classic black rope, you can choose according to your preference for a comfortable and personalized wear.

MULTI-PURPOSE WEARING: It can be used as a daily accessory or worn on special occasions, wherever you go, you can carry the blessings of Buddha and the protective energy of the Vajra Pestle and Mortar with you.

SPIRITUAL CONNECTION: The pendant reminds you of the path to enlightenment and makes a great gift for spiritual journeyers or anyone seeking wisdom and protection.


Type: Siddhartha Gautama Turnable Vajra Pendant

Chain options: necklace, black cord


1*Siddhartha Gautama Turnable Vajra Pendant


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Clean the pendant , lint-free cloth to maintain its brilliance.

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Gift Choice - Siddhartha Gautama Turnable Vajra Pendant