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Smokeless Incense Sticks

Smokeless Incense Sticks

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Enjoy genuine and authentic fragrance experience with these incense sticks!

They are meticulously crafted through a manual process (dipping a bamboo stick core into a blend of aromatic ingredients, which includes resins, powders, and sawdust.)


NATURAL INGREDIENTS & SOOTHING FRAGRANCE - They are made from high-quality natural ingredients, ensuring a pure and authentic aroma. Immerse yourself in the soothing fragrance that promotes relaxation and tranquility

SLOW BURNING WITH NO ASHES - The sticks leave no ashes behind, ensuring a clean and hassle-free experience.They release their fragrance gradually, allowing you to enjoy their calming effects for an extended period.

SMOKE-FREE - Our incense sticks are formulated to be smokeless, providing a serene environment without the annoyance of smoke. Breathe in the fragrance without any unwanted fumes.

VERSATILE USE - They are perfect for freshening up the atmosphere in homes and offices, eliminating unpleasant odors and infusing the space with delightful scents. They are also commonly used in aromatherapy, meditation, and mindfulness practices, creating a calming and relaxing ambiance.


Ingredients: bamboo, resins, wood powders and sawdust

Burning Time: about 40 minutes

Root Length: 32cm

Application to: study, bedroom, living room, tea room, Buddhist hall


1 pack(250pcs) * Smokeless Incense Sticks

Or 1 box(500pcs) * Smokeless Incense Sticks


To ensure proper ventilation.

Store the incense sticks in a cool, dry place to preserve their fragrance and quality.

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Smokeless Incense Sticks